Have You Heard? Marika Hackman - Boyfriend

Marika Hackman - Boyfriend

Is this your new favourite anthem? Spoiler: yes.

What is it about songs called ‘Boyfriend’ being fucking fantastic? From Tegan and Sara’s 80’s indebted pop banger to Bieber’s own fondue-laced take on the subject, naming a song in this tradition seems to be a sure-fire route to success. And, by gum, Marika Hackman adds another first rate contribution to history’s ‘Boyfriend’ oeuvre with her much-welcome return.

There’s so much brilliance going on here that a quick-fire recap seems most efficient to cover all the relevant ground. So, ‘Boyfriend’ is privy to: Marika’s pals The Big Moon as a backing band, a genius piece of innuendo revolving around ACTUAL recorded dolphin calls alongside a line that promises to “to make her scream,” a flippant dismissal of dongly-eyed tosspots who spend their days objectifying gay women, and an accompanying artwork which literally TAKES A KNIFE to phallic symbolism. Is this your new favourite anthem? Spoiler: yes.

Marika Hackman informed DIY she was pursuing a “completely different sound,” last year (along with promising us a maraca in tribute to her percussive alter-ego Maraca Hackman) but even Nancy Drew couldn’t have predicted a return this confident, this bold. In ‘Boyfriend’ Marika takes on important subject-matter with killer chops, and helter-skelter fun levels. In the process she fully unearths the quick-smart lyricist that was evident amid the complex haze of her debut record, and shoves it to the fore.

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