Stranger sequels: Kings of Leon have an alien encounter in the video for ‘Reverend’

Kings of Leon have an alien encounter in the video for ‘Reverend’

It’s the sequel to their very weird ‘Waste A Moment’ clip from last year.

Remember Kings of Leon’s video for ‘Waste A Moment’, which was filled with cheerleaders, toy dinosaurs, eyeballs and who knows what else? The Followills have just delivered the sequel.

The new clip for ‘Reverend’ picks up right where ‘Waste A Moment’ left off, with the small town the brothers are living in being disturbed by the arrival of a strange extra-terrestrial orb. Cue everyone and their dog going down to the woods to check it out, including the Followills themselves. Eventually Caleb and that old guy he had a Mexican standoff with before come face to face once again, but they’re disturbed by the opening of the orb.

What’s inside? It’s still a mystery! Maybe it’s one of those creepy cheerleaders though. They’re still busy staring off into the distance and having contemplative sit-down showers. As you do.

Continue to scratch your head while watching the video for ‘Reverend’ below.

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