Praise the Lorde: Is the new Lorde album imminent?!

The Republic Records website appeared to confirm a new single for 7th March.

It looks like that Lorde album could be imminent - the Republic Records website might’ve just revealed that something new, with a “confidential title,” is coming out on 7th March.

Lorde is signed to Republic Records - a division of Universal - and released her ‘Pure Heroine’ debut on the imprint. The accidental reveal was spotted by beady-eyed pop-heads Lorde Fix who screenshotted the page, and fans are speculating that it could point to a new single airing on the radio that day. Check out a speedily captured screenshot below.

Though this all remains very unconfirmed, Lorde was also spotted on location in LA with all of her regular crew last month; including her stylist Karla Welch. As fan account Lorde Fix points out, Welch posted a video of Lorde, who says “we wrapped”. This would definitely imply that she’s been shooting a video of some description.

Well, well, well…

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