Have You Heard? Pumarosa - Dragonfly

The new track solidifies the band as ones to keep both eyes on.

Few bands in recent memory have created such a fuss across their first three singles as Pumarosa. Even from debut single ‘Priestess’, a seven-minute groove-laden monster, their ambitions were clear.

After the free-flowing ‘Cecile’ and crunchy ‘Honey’ followed it, the band arrive at ‘Dragonfly’, an early demo now beefed up for the five piece’s upcoming debut album. Beginning with ominous, grand strings, it’s a cut that’s as dramatic and full of bombast as we’ve come to expect from the band.

Vocalist Isabel Munoz-Newsome threatens that “it’s the right time to shake it loose like a dragonfly,” but when the track does get going, it’s with more restraint and measure than the runaway trains that are ‘Priestess’ or ‘Cecile’.

‘Dragonfly’ isn’t as revelationary as its predecessors, but Pumarosa’s work is already done in that respect. The new track solidifies the band as ones to keep both eyes on, while also seeing them settle into their stride. “Slide out of your skin and let me in,” she sings, and the band’s debut album looks set to ensure they’ll never leave.

Pumarosa's debut album 'The Witch' arrives on 19th May via Fiction.

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