Neu Pick: Phobophobes craft a stellar societal critique on ‘The Never Never’

We’ve got the first spin of the Londoners’ appraisal of consumerism as today’s Neu Pick.

Every weekday, DIY’s new music know-it-all Neu brings you one essential new release to get obsessed with. Today’s Neu Pick comes from Phobophobes.

In this age of imposed austerity, sky-rocketing house prices and zero-hours contracts, it’s often hard to see how it’s even possible to afford all the things that society is constantly telling us are classic markers of a life well-lived. So what’s the solution? Hope for ‘The Never Never’ of course.

The latest single from London’s Phobophobes is, as frontman Jamie Taylor explains, “a critique of today’s excessive consumerism. The repetitive and slogan-esque nature of the track evokes the reductive nature of advertising”. In a flurry of vintage organs, clashing drums and nagging, incessant riffs, the band draw a parallel between those treading water financially today and religious idols, reminding us that “Jesus was a carpenter”, paying tribute to the difficulties of modern life.

Unfortunately, trying to buy a “new life” on the never never is a slippery slope, a bottomless pit that’s easy to fall into. Similarly, Jamie’s vocals and those organ tones plummet into the abyss, descending into uncertainty and possible oblivion. As such, ‘The Never Never’ is a pretty much pitch-perfect comment on what it’s like to try and survive in a “buy now, worry later” society.

We’ve got the premiere of ‘The Never Never’ below, and you can also check out Phobophobes’ upcoming tour dates, including a run as special guests of LIFE. ‘The Never Never’ is officially released on 24th March via Ra-Ra Rok Records.


13 London, Moth Club (single launch)


01 Hull, The Welly Club*
02 Glasgow, King Tuts*
03 Manchester, Gullivers*
05 Birmingham, The Sunflower Lounge*
06 London, Camden Assembly
07 Bristol, Crofters Rights*

* w/LIFE

Photo: Holly Whitaker


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