Spin a raindow too: Amanda Palmer and Edward Ka-Spel announce new LP ‘I Can Spin A Rainbow’

The pair first met in 1993, but have now made a “frightening and comforting” album.

Amanda Palmer is back and this time she’s teamed up with founding member of experimental rock group The Legendary Pink Dots, Edward Ka-Spel, for a collaborative album.

I Can Spin A Rainbow’ is due out on 5th May and was recorded an at Essex studio owned by Amanda’s friend and fellow musician Imogen Heap. It’s the first time the pair have worked together after striking up a friendship over 20 years ago, after Amanda first attended one of the band’s gigs in 1993 and hosted several members of the group in 1995.

“We merged our songwriting heads and poetic worlds to make a new universe,” Amanda said in a statement. “We would sit in Imogen’s house drinking cups of tea, bemoaning the state of the upcoming election, binge drinking in the UK, the refugee crisis, our internet addictions, frightening news we had read, our relationships… and then we’d distill all of the ingredients of our fears and conversations into song form.”

So yeah, as you might have gathered, that rainbow metaphor isn’t as sunny as you might think, as Amanda says: “The Rainbow metaphor – which is also a nod to the ‘spinning beach ball of death’ on a Mac – was a wide-open image that kept popping up as a recurring theme on the record. It’s both dark and light at the same time. To me, the songs are simultaneously frightening and comforting, like a thunderstorm heard from a living room.” That sounds pretty cool, but also kinda terrifying.

To coincide with the announcement, the pair have announced a one-off date at London’s Heaven on Saturday 13th May, with tickets going on sale from Friday 24th February. The date is part of a much more extensive tour across America and Europe. All the dates can be found here.

See the tracklisting for ‘I Can Spin A Rainbow’ below.

01. Pulp Fiction
02. Shahla’s Missing Page
03. The Shock of Kontakt
04. Beyond the Beach
05. The Clock at the Back of the Cage
06. The Changing Room
07. The Jack of Hands
08. Prithee: Liquidation Day
09. Rainbow’s End
10. The Sun Still Shines (Vinyl Only)
11. Subway (Vinyl Only)