Watch: Wilsen search for a connection in the video for ‘Garden’

The chilly clip follows a couple as their bond deteriorates. Dramtically.

Wilsen first offered up the baroque-pop epic ‘Garden’ in 2015, but with the release of their new album ‘I Go Missing In My Sleep’ in April, they’ve unveiled a brand new video.

According to Tamsin Wilsen, “‘Garden’ is about the endless quest to be present; chilling out and enjoying a moment without worrying about the outcome. The idealist vs. realist, the doer vs. the dreamer.” “The endless quest to be present,” you say? That’s definitely covered here.

Director Stephen Michael Simon, who says he “wanted to capture the feeling of when you are so close with someone in physical spaces but there’s no connection”, has created a chilly and slightly surreal clip where a couple are struggling to connect. Cue a lot of frolicking and crawling in the snow, and a lot of murderous desire. It all gets a little bit like ‘The Shining’ in the end, and may well haunt your dreams for a couple of nights.

Watch the video for ‘Garden’ below.

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