Watch: Pumarosa get intense in ‘Dragonfly’ video

The Class of 2017 stars are releasing their debut album in May.

In tribute to Prince (maybe, probably not), Pumarosa have gone all purple in their new video for recent single ‘Dragonfly’.

The new clip sees Isabel Munoz-Newsome thrashing about in a way as dramatic as only she can do, and the clip is supposed to represent the process of the hatching of dragonflies. Intense stuff.

Pumarosa are set to release their debut album ‘The Witch’ via Fiction on 19th May, and it features previous singles ‘Priestess’ and ‘Honey’.

View the tracklisting and get caught up in the new video for ‘Dragonfly’ below.

01 Dragonfly
02 Honey
03 The Witch
04 Priestess
05 Lions’ Den
06 My Gruesome Loving Friend
07 Red
08 Barefoot
09 Hollywood
10 Snake

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