Album Review Pulled Apart By Horses - The Haze

Gritty and unmistakably British.

Pulled Apart By Horses - The Haze

Exactly three minutes in to ‘The Haze’, Pulled Apart By Horses hit up on the searing formula for their best song since their absolutely vital self-titled debut. ‘The Big What If’ marks a truly enviable shard of thrashy rock sensibility, with an added dose of high intensity charm, with lines like “I pray to my own toilet bowl that I won’t be swallowed whole.” It’s a wall-shaking, gut-wrenching three minutes and fourteen seconds.

“I’m melting faces quite literally” sings Tom Hudson on ‘Hotel Motivation’, a further advert for their no-frills, no-holding-back rock ’n’ roll ethos. Gritty and unmistakably British, with its song names often sounding like some sort of transcript from a night at the pub - ‘Flash Lads’, ‘Neighbourhood Witch’ and ‘What’s Up Dude’.

Like a mate that’s still telling the same stories, it’s easy to find yourself laughing along as ever and Pulled Apart By Horses rarely fail to offer something worth raising a glass to. They’re not boasting rock and roll’s supermodel aesthetic for sure, but it doesn’t mean a lot of people wont fall in love with that scruffy rock band next door.


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