Watch: Wilsen get reflective in the video for ‘Centipede’

It’s been inspired by the “pursuit of stillness within identity.”

After delving back into the ‘Garden’ a few weeks ago, Wilsen have revealed a new clip for last year’s single ‘Centipede,’ yet another gorgeous slice of meditative yet expansive folk-pop that’ll also be the opening track to their upcoming album ‘I Go Missing In My Sleep.’

The track itself came from a bit of an unusual source; the cross between an insect and writer’s block, as Tamsin Wilson explained: “A centipede creeped under my door at the very moment I was beginning a new song. Stuck between ideas, I watched it crawl around the room until this track was outlined. I was amazed at its aimlessness - how content it seemed wandering on foreign ground - and wished I could feel the same.”

She continued: “In the video we wanted to illustrate that pursuit of stillness within identity. Being close but not quite connected to the world around you”. And so in the song’s new clip, co-directed by Tamsin herself and Kenneth Edwards, she goes on a journey through the city, eventually taking a train ride to the coast. It’s left kind of unclear whether or not Tamsin actually walks out into the ocean, but that feeling of being close but not connected is only highlighted by numerous out of focus close-ups.

Dip your toes into the video for ‘Centipede’ below.


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