Watch: Nilüfer Yanya raves on in the video for ‘The Florist’

Nilüfer Yanya raves on in the video for ‘The Florist’

It’s about “chasing a high to fill the dark lonely void within.”

Recently, London singer-songwriter Nilüfer Yanya unveiled the follow up to her acclaimed EP ‘Small Crimes,’ ‘The Florist.’

It’s one of Nilüfer’s most urgent tracks to date, built on sharp yet soulful guitars and, of course, her own vocals and knack for songwriting. The new video, directed by Molly Daniel and Patrick Chamberlain, depicts a scenario where people are “essentially chasing a high to fill the dark lonely void within,” as Nilüfer herself explained to Noisey.

And so she embraces rave and gabber culture, following around a group of friends as they grow up being young and free in the city. It’s not all sunshine though, and even though the group experience some euphoric highs, the video also shows some of the lows, particularly the comedown after the night before. Much like Nilüfer’s songs, it’s a sweet but also melancholy look at life.

Watch the video for ‘The Florist’ (flashing warning!) and see Nilüfer’s upcoming tour dates below.


28 Rezé, Festival L’Ere de Rien
29 Leeds, Live At Leeds


18-20 Brighton, The Great Escape
26-28 Dot To Dot Festival


22 Topcliffe, Deer Shed Festival
29 Hereford, Kallida Festival
30 Normandy, Cabourg Mon Amour

Nilüfer Yanya will play Live At Leeds (29th April), The Great Escape in Brighton (18th-20th May) and Latitude (13th-16th July) where DIY is an official media partner. Tickets are on sale now. Visit for more information.

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