From the Magazine: Service Station of the Month: Estrons

The band pay long-overdue respect to an unsung and hidden gem of the West Country, the M5’s Gloucester Services.

Bands love service stations more than music itself. Snacks, bogs, time to think - it’s all there. These are miraculous places where festival headliners mingle with lorry drivers. It’s due time we paid respect to the very best.

Over the course of this incredibly important feature, we’ve heard The Magic Gang pay their respects to Pease Pottage, and Yak shine a light on the humble establishment of Watford Gap. Next up, here’s Tali from Estrons, explaining the band’s profound love for West Country roadside icon, and Teletubbies’ house look-alike, Gloucester ‘Farm’ Services. An excellent choice, Estrons.

Gloucester Services, M5, England

“Posing as a farm shop, but seemingly nowhere near a farm, Gloucester Services’ outside walls are completely immersed in living grass which makes its £7 sandwich price tags seem all the more natural. Inside, all the Saskias and Harriets of the middle class mill around hot meal stands aimlessly, almost treating the visit as a holiday in itself. Not a place for filthy musicians. I [Tali] then realised that this “sustainably sourced” and supposedly original service station was in fact a chain. But I never told the guys about this. I like to keep up the morale. Just like a bad boyfriend, Gloucester Farm Services, we know you’re full of shit…but we’ll be back.”

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