Have You Heard? The Japanese House - Saw You In A Dream

Her starkest, most upfront track yet.

By The Japanese House’s standards at least, ‘Saw You in a Dream’ is possibly her starkest, most upfront track yet. Cloaked in just a couple of vocal layers - rather than Amber Bain’s usual infinite vocoders - and with a hazy, low-key melody, this is a simple love song; written for a figure from the past that keeps creeping into her subconscious while she’s getting some shut-eye.

It’s interesting to hear The Japanese House sacking off intricate, glitchy pop; just the minute she seemed to have her signature aesthetic pretty much nailed. “You were the sweetest apparition,” Amber sings. “Such a pretty vision, there was no reason, no explanation.” Free from symbolism, and focusing on the ~ emotional content ~ with a thoughtful touch has served The Japanese House very well. And no, we’re not crying - it’s just our hayfever.

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