Trudy and the Romance talk croissant addictions and Live At Leeds 2017

The band are headed to Leeds tomorrow to play the city-wide festival.

Trudy and the Romance LOVE Leeds. Honest, trudy, they do. Their most cherished memory of the city so far remains the time they supported Paul Heaton and Jaqcui Abbott from the Beautiful South, and tomorrow (29th April) they’re set to return, playing DIY’s Neu Stage at the Brudenell Social Club!

Before heading off, Lew, Brad and Olly fill us in on everything new in the world of Trudy, from croissant addictions to surprise pregnancies. Right, then.

Snap up a ticket for Live At Leeds 2017 here.

We’ll be hosting, not one, but two stages at Leeds’ Brudenell Social Club on Saturday - with the likes of The Big Moon, Dream Wife, Eat Fast, Off Bloom, Trudy & The Romance, and loads more set to play. All the details right here.

Hello, Trudy and the Romance. What’s new?

Lew’s shaved his head, Brad got addicted to croissants, Olly’s pregnant… and we’ve been in the studio with our guy David Pye working on a hot new EP.

What can Live at Leeds expect from your set?

New songs, old songs, maybe an Elvis cover, bit of banter, sadness in our eyes, romance in your hearts, boogy vibes, broody vibes, Trudy vibes.

Tell us a story of a past encounter with Leeds.

We supported Paul Heaton and Jaqcui Abbott at the arena last year in front of about 9,000 people and I was pissed off my head. We got catering and the lot. Ended up losing about a grand in the casino across the road after. We love Leeds.

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