From the Magazine: Back in the Band: Zac Farro talks returning to Paramore

In the May 2017 issue of DIY - out today - the band talk reconciliation as Zac Farro rejoins the band. Nawh!

As you maaaaay have noticed, Paramore are once again a trio(!) After inviting founding member Zac Farro – who originally left the band back in 2010 - to join them in the studio to record drums for their new record, getting him back was a bit of a no-brainer for everyone.

In the new May 2017 issue - out right blimmin’ now! - Paramore chat having Zac back on drums, and being a three-piece. It’s been lovely, apparently.

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Taylor: I think we just had a gut feeling about it. Me and Zac had reconciled a couple years before and he’s always been me and Hayley’s favourite drummer, genuinely. So, I think it was a really obvious thing, because we really wanted Zac to play on it.

Zac: It really was a no brainer. I mean, I have all of my HalfNoise stuff - I still do and I love it - but I was always looking for things to do because I don’t full time tour with it. So, recording worked out perfectly with the schedule, and then halfway through the record, Taylor just walks outside and like, with no context and without Hayley, he just goes ‘Do you want to join the band?’

Hayley: He had already asked me in the same matter of fact way!

Zac: Someone asked me if I freaked out, and I felt bad for being not like, ‘Yesssss!’ but it’s been such a crazy road for our band; I was part of its past, and so was my brother. I was so flattered and honoured that of course I wanted to say yes, but I took some time as it was such an important decision for me. It’s been so amazing though. Something that was really important to me was writing my own music, so how supportive they’ve been, even outside of me joining the band, has been great. These guys are my best friends, so a huge part of me felt as though not hanging with them was really missing from my life.

Paramore's fifth album 'After Laughter' is out on 12th May via Fueled By Ramen

Photos: Pooneh Ghana

Taken from the May 2017 issue of DIY, out now. Buy a copy below.

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