Festivals: Bruno Major shares ‘Fair-Weather Friend’

We chatted to the singer about how he’s writing, recording and releasing a new song a month.

For the past six months or so, singer-songwriter Bruno Major is writing, recording and releasing a new song every month. The project has produced some pretty gorgeous results thus far, and the latest effort comes in the form of ‘Fair-Weather Friend’.

The newest cut is a sprawling, introspective cut that rises and falls with the help of swooping, soulful backing vocals. It’s also remarkably composed and fully-formed considering how small a turnaround it underwent.

Following the likes of ‘Second Time’ and ‘Just The Same’, ‘Fair-Weather Friend’ gives a fascinating insight into a songwriter changing and moulding traditional writing and releasing techniques like play-doh.

To get even more of a snoop, we chatted to Bruno about the year so far and what’s to come next.

Hi Bruno! So, you’re writing, recording and releasing a song a month at the moment - how’s it all going?

Most people thought I was being overly ambitious when I started in August, and they were probably right. My life has since been a series of deadlines with no let up, it's been intense but also my greatest period of creativity and happiness. I was always the kid doing his holiday homework the night before, so the pressure suits me. The reception has been mad and unexpected.

How are you finding writing and releasing songs in such a quick, stringent way affecting your songwriting?

There is something balanced about being in sync with the orbit of the moon, the earth and the sun, it feels correct. It has also forced me to let go creatively, and accept imperfection. All the songs contain elements that in hindsight I would have changed, ('Easily' has an iPhone ringing in it somewhere) but I hope they hold a certain charm as a result. They are as messy as my flat and I love them. Thinking is the enemy of creativity, so I'm not giving myself time to think.

Is it nice to have such freedom, releasing all the songs independently?

It has been a revelation. I have been through what was in my case, the trauma of being signed to a major label - it was the worst experience of my life. It nearly destroyed me, but I've come out the other side with a clearer head and a stronger heart. As an independent artist I can release the music I love, whenever I want, and I'm paying the rent from selling and streaming recordings that I make and own myself. For me, at least for now, this is the way it should be.

Did the latest cut, ‘Fair-Weather Friend’, come together relatively quickly?

Haha. NO. This month was insane. It's out a week late, because a week ago it sounded like shit and I didn't want to release it until it was ready. I had a sleepless week but I'm happy to say, finally, I'm really proud of it. I have to thank my pal and co-producer Phairo for his patience and for working some long nights with me, I must have been a terrible human to be around.

Are you already thinking about following up this latest series? Is an album on the way?

The beautiful thing is that the songs seems to be forming an album without me meaning them to. I can't imagine them sequenced in any order other than chronologically. You will be able to buy the collection as a whole in July. I'd like to keep going forever without stopping, but I'm going to need a little break after a year. I plan to take some time off to write and play shows, and then do it all over again.

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