Album Review Slowdive - Slowdive

It’s an absolute joy to have them back.

Slowdive - Slowdive

The latest in a long line of ’90s heroes to have returned in the past few years, Slowdive have spent the time since their initial reunion reminding old timers and new generations quite how many brilliant gems they have in their back pockets.

The band’s new, self-titled album sees them ageing gracefully, but not without tweaks, even if reinvention is too strong a word. First single ‘Star Roving’ is a propulsive, rollocking beast that takes them closer to post-rock territory than the more laid-back shoegaze they made their name on.

The album’s highlight comes courtesy of ‘Sugar For The Pill’, a deep, intricate cut that ties together gorgeous, finger-picked acoustic guitar with thudding bass, with Rachel Goswell’s hushed background vocals never having sounded so affecting. It’s an absolute joy to have them back.


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