Premiere: Swimming Tapes share ‘Queen’s Parade’

We also chatted to the five-piece about their upcoming new EP.

Swimming Tapes are releasing a new EP later this year, and we’ve got the first play of its primary offering, ‘Queens Parade’.

Named after the seafront strip in some of the band’s hometown of Bangor, the track more than comfortably fits with a backdrop of sandcastles and candy floss - it’s a breezy trip across indie-pop and something grander and more towards the shoegaze end of the scale.

Selling out their debut headline show at London’s Waiting Room and announcing a follow-up date at The Lexington in September after sets at The Great Escape and Dot To Dot, things are moving quickly for Swimming Tapes, and it’s a glorious task trying to keep up.

Hi Swimming Tapes! You started 2017 playing for us at The Old Blue Last - how’s the year gone since then?

This year's been a real fun one so far. That DIY show was an awesome way to start the year!

At the end of January we went into the studio and recorded our new EP with Adam Jaffrey, which Queen's Parade is the first song from. Our first EP was recorded pretty sporadically whenever we could find time, so it was a nice change to be able to work on a batch of songs all together over the course of a few days.

Another highlight of the year was playing up in Glasgow a few weeks ago at Stag & Dagger Festival. It was our first time playing there and a special one as three of us used to live in Glasgow. The crowd were great.

We’re told Queen’s Parade is about the seafront strip in Bangor - what are your best memories of the place?

All the memories are good. Bangor was a great place to grow up. Being close to the sea always made a picturesque day if it were sunny, which wasn't too often, so you made the most of it. Long summers being a kid sort of just blended into one long day. Going back home now and smelling the sea air alone makes you feel pretty nostalgic.

The track comes from an upcoming EP - what can we expect?

On our previous recordings we tracked all the parts separately, this time around we wanted something that was closer to how we sound live, so we set whole band up in the studio and recorded live, adding vocals and some overdubs later. I think that's given these tracks a different dynamic from our previous recordings. The songs will be familiar to people who've seen us play, but the recordings have a different feel.

You’re playing this year’s Great Escape - do you have any particularly messy/standout memories of Brighton?

Yeah, Myself (Lou) and Paddy had a particularly heavy end of tour night out in Brighton with Cashier No9 one time. We went into all sorts of bars up and down the strip and ended up in some weird tropical themed club dancing like lunatics. Pretty sure I was sick as soon as my eyes opened the following morning.

What’s next in the pipeline?

Next up, gig wise, we have The Great Escape and then Dot to Dot which we are all super excited for, as we will be playing cities we haven't yet played. Leading on from that as we have a month or two off, we are going to sit in Louis' room and write, write and write some more! Keep your eyes peeled though, as we may have another surprise in the locker for the coming months!


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