D.I.S.C.O: Phoenix hit Italian TV in the video for ‘J-Boy’

They perform the track for a fake telly show complete with a studio audience.

Recently, French pop-heads Phoenix headed to Fallon to perform their latest single ‘J-Boy’ while standing atop a disco-inspired underlit floor. It was pretty cosmic.

Now the lead single from their upcoming sixth album ‘Ti Amo’ has been given a brand new video, and maybe being on the telly rubbed off on them a bit. In the clip, directed by Warren Fu, they perform the song for an Italian television programme that looks like it’s being beamed directly from the 1980s – they even have a clapping audience!

The vibe fits the Italo-disco inspired pop belter, and it’s full of vintage, intricate lighting schemes and a few mirror effects too. So, um, new set design for their upcoming world tour then? Maybe?

Watch the video for ‘J-Boy’ below.

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