Watch: Palehound shares the contemplative video for ‘If You Met Her’

The latest track from ‘A Place I’ll Always Go’ reflects on the death of one of Ellen Kempner’s friends.

Recently, Bostonians Palehound announced they’d be releasing their new album ‘A Place I’ll Always Go’ on 16th June.

They’ve already shared ‘Flowing Over’ from the follow up to ‘Dry Food’, and now we’ve been given another sweet treat in the form of second track ‘If You Met Her’. Speaking to Stereogum about the track, Palehound mastermind Ellen Kempner said: “It’s about my friend that passed away. Just about what it’s like to lose a young friend and keep on living your life. Walking by the Dunkin’ Donuts we had a kind of shitty talk in once, looking in through the window… It’s that way where she’s everywhere […] It’s about being young and getting older and knowing that your friend didn’t have the opportunity to do that”.

The accompanying video is Ellen at her most raw and contemplative. Put together by a group of high school students, it’s framed as a series of countdowns where Ellen either plays guitar or sits in quiet reflection in a house, occasionally focusing on certain objects. The structure mirrors the counting lyrics of the song but also emphasises the sense of loss that she herself feels; it’s an intense, emotional watch.

Watch the video for ‘If You Met Her’ below.


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