Neu Pick: Annabel Allum battles inner conflict in the video for ‘Eat Greens’

We’ve got the first look at the Guildford slacker-rocker’s vegetable-packed new clip.

Every weekday, DIY’s new music know-it-all Neu brings you one essential new release to get obsessed with. Today’s Neu Pick comes from Annabel Allum.

“‘Eat Greens’ is a song about the conflict of doing what you feel is right and what you think is wrong. Doing what you want as opposed to doing what you need”, Guildford singer-songwriter Annabel Allum says of her latest single, taken from her upcoming EP ‘All That For What’, which is out on 30th June via Killing Moon. “Finding balance, searching for balance, what is balance? Self-destruction and self-love. Vegetables”.

Yes, eating vegetables is a pretty good metaphor for what Annabel’s trying to say with her latest single. It’s a raucous, gritty slacker-rock belter where she weighs up the fact that “I do my own thing” with the knowledge that a good life balance also includes having to “eat my vegetables”. In some ways, that conflict is like a miniature battle between the whole idea of right and wrong, two opposing forces of the same coin fighting for supremacy over each other in complex and morally ambiguous ways.

The new video for ‘Eat Greens’, filmed by Context Films, also plays on this idea. Annabel sits down, pretty grumpily, and is presented with a plate of veg that she gnaws at for a tiny bit before pushing it aside, but those feeding her just won’t stop with the greens (everything from avocados to getting salad leaves tossed at her face. Seems a bit mean).

Speaking of the video, Annabel said: “I came up with the vid concept pretty early on. It’s a metaphor for doing what you feel is right and the conflict of doing what you’re told is wrong. The one frame shot is representative of the consistency of an opposing lifestyle, and a hypocritical one. Also… any excuse to eat my greens!” She acts out this inner conflict pitch-perfectly, although it’ll probably put you off the sight of salad for the rest of the day.

Watch the video for ‘Eat Greens’ exclusively and see Annabel’s upcoming tour dates below.


09 Camberley International Festival


05 London, Shacklewell Arms (EP launch show, free entry)


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