Back back back! Theo Verney returns with 70s soft rock-indebted new single ‘Mind Fire’

The Brighton singer’s ditched the grunge in favour of classic songwriting indebted to the masters

Brighton’s Theo Verney might have come to attention touting the kind of Sabbath-influenced heavy wares more suited to the Download stage, but now the singer’s returned with the first cut from his forthcoming debut solo record (due July 7th), and it’s a whole world of surprises.

Full of expansive acoustic guitars and classic melodies, ‘Mind Fire’ is more Tom Petty than Tony Iommi - the kind of Neil Young-influenced track made for basking on the porch on a balmy summer’s day, feet up while cracking open a cold one.

Proof that, beneath the riffs, Verney’s had some pretty damn good melodic chops hiding all along.

Listen below.

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