Booking now: MUNA are opening up for Harry Styles on tour!

They’ll hit the road together later this year!

Ever got the feeling that MUNA could just go stratospheric at any moment? They’re pretty much there already now.

After remixing one of Katy Perry’s latest singles, the LA pop trio will be heading off on tour with none other than blimmin’ Harry Styles! Harry’s off to promote his ace, self-titled debut album later in the year, where he’ll be popping off around the globe to play to thousands of fans.

In a tweet, Harry said that MUNA “will be joining me on tour this year in North America and Europe. Looking forward to it”. Well, that’s a bit of an understatement. You never know, maybe they’ll crack out some Evanescence covers alongside their sparkling pop along the way, eh?

See all of Harry and MUNA’s tour dates here and revisit ‘I Know A Place’ below. Read our interview with MUNA from earlier in the year here.


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