Statement: Hayley Williams shares message on Paramore’s new album ‘After Laughter’

“now that After Laughter belongs to more people than us, i feel like i just need to express how incredible it feels to have people accept it for all that it is.”

Paramore’s new album ‘After Laughter’ has been out for nearly a month, and Hayley Williams has shared a new, lengthy message on Instagram reflecting on the album and how it’s been received by fans.

“pls indulge me for a sec?” she begins, before thanking fans for accepting the album for what it is, and explaining how the band tried to distance themselves from the “sell, sell, sell” idea that’s dominated the band’s previous records.

Hayley then goes on to thank bandmates Taylor (York) and Zac (Farro) in turn, before also thanking music journalists who have written about ‘After Laughter’ since its release on 12th May.

Read the full messages below, and read our cover recent feature with Paramore all about ‘After Laughter’ here.


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