Album Review Theo Verney - One Small Piece

A fitting introduction.

Theo Verney - One Small Piece

Theo Verney has been threatening to break through for a few years now, and debut ‘One Small Piece’ promises to be the blow needed to lift the the Brighton songwriter to the next level. It’s an album which blossoms with maturity but also brings something refreshing with its down the line simplicity.

Opener ‘Running Backwards’ takes us down a canyon of dazed guitars backed by piano - ‘One Small Piece’ diverts heavily from Theo’s earlier work which was more choppy. It’s not afraid to shout about its influences either; although at some points it becomes a little over the top, ‘Enter The Daylight’ and ‘Cotton And White’ sound like someone paying direct homage to ‘Sgt. Pepper’s’. Not exactly the worst thing.

Perhaps the most consistent factor on show is Theo’s unmistakable talent on the guitar. He loves to lob in a convincing noodle where fitting, and this is a real delight throughout. The time it’s taken for him to launch this record into the world has paid off: ‘One Small Piece’ is a fitting introduction to the Brighton songwriter.


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