Arcade Fire take on Lorde’s ‘Green Light’ in the Live Lounge

They also smash their new LP’s title track, ‘Everything Now’.

Earlier today, Arcade Fire took to the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, squeezing in not only them, their instruments and the station’s camera crew, but also members of Oasis Academy’s Youth Choir.

Not only did they predictably smash a live rendition of forthcoming album title track ‘Everything Now’ (complete with naughty words - who said swearing on the radio wasn’t cool?!), but they also took on Lorde’s ‘Green Light’ for the requisite cover in party-starting style.

‘Everything Now’ is released on 28th July, and features not only the title track, but also already-revealed numbers 'Creature Comfort’, ‘Signs of Life’, and as shared today, 'Electric Blue'.


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