Watch: Wilsen share a new video for ‘Final’

Their album ‘I Go Missing In My Sleep’ came out in April.

Wilsen’s album ‘I Go Missing In My Sleep’ was released back in April, and was characterised by heavy, often difficult emotions.

Perhaps nowhere was that more evident than on ‘Final’, a beautiful yet meditative contemplation on the nature of loss. In its new video, its meditative yet powerful nature is brought to the fore even more. It’s been choreographed by dancer Yury Yanowsky, who features in the video along with Rachele Buriassi, who’ve both featured in the Boston Ballet.

Together, Yanowsky and Buriassi present an elegant yet emotional dance routine within a star white room, making their moves and interactions the only things to focus on. Sometimes their faces looked pained, as if the dancing is a form of additional release for them to get away from the loss.

Watch the video for ‘Final’ below.

Final (Official Video) by Wilsen & on VEVO.


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