Neu Pick: The Ninth Wave make blackened indie on ‘Reformation’

The Glasgow quartet are today’s Neu Pick with their first single on Distiller Records.

Every weekday, DIY’s new music know-it-all Neu brings you one essential new release to get obsessed with. Today’s Neu Pick comes from The Ninth Wave.

Recently touring with Blaenavon and Baby Strange, Glasgow’s The Ninth Wave are on the way to becoming one of the Scottish city’s most exciting new guitar bands.

Their first single proper, ‘Reformation’, only serves to strengthen this claim - released on Distiller Records, the cut is a blackened, reverb-soaked take on anthemic indie, and one that only becomes more enticing on repeat listens.

Talking about the track, co-vocalist Haydn Park-Patterson says: “Reformation is based on the idea of wishing you could be made into a better version of yourself, but being too focused on your own self destruction to let anybody actually help you. Alongside this it deals with the problem of needing to conform to a set out plan, a life of expectancy and the way that things should be done just because that’s what everyone else does or says.”

Going on to talk about the track’s video, set in an abandoned explosives factory in Scotland, Haydn explains: “The video initially departs from the initial place of the song, as turns into a sort of fantasy. It’s centred around the narrative of someone joining a group of people to escape the places that harbour the same emotions portrayed in the song.

The newcomer joins an apparent cult, but doesn’t know exactly where he stands within it and gets forced into doing things or acting in a certain way that he does not totally agree with. The video deals with the same feeling of isolation and an inherent loneliness within a person that the song does, but just on a different level and situation.”

Listen to ‘Reformation’ below.

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