Watch: Emily Haines unveils a stark video for ‘Planets’

Emily Haines unveils a stark video for ‘Planets’

‘Choir of the Mind’, her first album in over a decade, comes out in September.

Metric vocalist and Broken Social Scene member Emily Haines is set to release her first solo album in over a decade (!) on 15th September via Last Gang.

‘Choir of the Mind’ was initially previewed by ‘Fatal Gift’, a mediation on the vicious circle that can be created by desiring objects and clinging to material wealth. With her latest track ‘Planets’, Emily returns to the more stripped-back, piano-led tones that characterised her first solo effort ‘Knives Don’t Have Your Back’ in 2006.

Its video, directed by Justin Broadbent, reflects that comparative starkness by placing Emily in a white room, walking in straight lines and squares as the camera barely moves. She holds a baseball bat, as if looking to escape, but never uses it. Instead, she’s trapped in the cycle, accompanied sometimes by reflections of herself, seemingly imprisoned by her own mind.

Watch the video for ‘Planets’ below.

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