Cover lover: Listen to Hamilton Leithauser cover Talking Heads

He also revealed he’s got new music in the works in a recent interview.

On Friday, Amazon are launching a new ‘Open Road’ collection, which focuses on, well, roads.

So what better track to include than Talking Heads’ classic ‘Road To Nowhere’? A seminal song about roads. Albeit probably more metaphorical roads. Instead of just including the track though, Hamilton Leithauser, fresh from a UK and Ireland tour and last year’s collaborative album with Rostam, stepped up to do a version for the compilation. It’s a slightly restructured version that’s not far away from being a full-on whisky-soaked singalong.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Hamilton said of the cover: “I had to restructure the order of the [song’s] parts because it sounded ridiculous. I originally tried out their order and I wasn’t getting the mileage that they get”.

But that’s not all! Hamilton also revealed that he’s got some new material in the pipeline: “About halfway through working on ‘I Had A Dream That You Were Mine’, I started writing songs by myself on the side, because Rostam and I would take all these long breaks […] I have a good amount of material and I’m working with a few other people right now and that’s pretty exciting. I think I’ve got a good thing in the oven”.

Listen to Hamilton take on ‘Road To Nowhere’ below.


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