Listen: Daughter to soundtrack new video game, share ‘Burn It Down’

Daughter to soundtrack new video game, share ‘Burn It Down’

The trio have lent music to upcoming title ‘Life Is Strange: Before The Storm’.

18 months on from their five star-rated second album ‘Not To Disappear’, Daughter are back, and back with something a little different.

The trio are soundtracking a new video game called ‘Life Is Strange: Before The Storm’, and the soundtrack - ‘Music From Before The Storm’ - will be released digitally on 1st September.

The album will contain 13 new pieces of music from Elena, Igor and Remi, and the first of those, single ‘Burn It Down’, is streaming now.

The only piece in the soundtrack to contain vocals, ‘Burn It Down’ largely follows on from where ‘Not To Disappear’ left off, with Elena’s frosty vocals set above waves of reverb. There’s an intensity and loudness to the track that the band have rarely previously achieved though, and it’s infectious.

View the tracklisting and artwork for ‘Music From Before The Storm’ and listen to ‘Burn It Down’ below.

Daughter to soundtrack new video game, share ‘Burn It Down’

1. Glass
2. Burn It Down
3. Flaws
4. Hope
5. The Right Way Around
6. Witches
7. Departure
8. All I Wanted
9. I Can’t Live Here Anymore
10. Dreams Of William
11. Improve
12. Voices
13. A Hole In The Earth

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