Waxing lyrical: Mogwai get dystopian in the video for ‘Party In The Dark’

The clip uses melted wax and stop-motion for a truly eerie effect.

With Mogwai set to drop their new album ‘Every Country’s Sun’ on 1st September via Rock Action, they decided to throw a bit of a curveball with its latest single ‘Party In The Dark’. Not only did it have some indie-lite riffs but also, whisper it quietly, there were some vocals in there too.

Following on from the dystopian video for ‘Coolverine’ though, they’re back on surreal, spine-chilling territory with the clip. Directed by Craig Murray, it’s been inspired by 80s sci-fi and horrors movies, making use of practical effects to create distorted, melted heads and scenery. The effect was achieved over 10 days using a combination of stop motion, regular and time-lapse filming, and created using silicone moulded sculptures cast in wax and melted. The overall result is kinda terrifying on the one hand, but oddly beautiful on the other.

In December, Mogwai are rounding off their epic world tour with two dates in the UK. They’ll be playing at London’s Brixton Academy and the SSE Hydro in Glasgow, and tickets are on sale now.

Watch the video for ‘Party In The Dark’ below.

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