Album Review Everything Everything - A Fever Dream

It takes the band’s chart-topping ambition and runs with it.

Everything Everything - A Fever Dream

2015’s ‘Get To Heaven’ took Everything Everything’s oddball, obtuse pop and catapulted it firmly towards daytime radio. Its lead single ‘Distant Past’ was an instant hit, and the closest the band have got to an anthem yet. It was the greatest sign yet of the band managing to take awkward, polarising elements and fusing it into something almost unbelievably catchy.

‘Can’t Do’, the first single from ‘A Fever Dream’, takes that chart-topping ambition and runs with it. Straight from its bopping intro, it’s a single that places Everything Everything even more firmly into the palm of the mainstream, whether they like it or not.

The rest of ‘A Fever Dream’ - predictably - gets a lot weirder from there though, and it’s an intense, dizzy trip that takes quite some digesting, but with brilliant results.

‘Run The Numbers’ is a blistering highlight, featuring their fiercest guitars the band have displayed thus far, while ‘Ivory Tower’ is the album’s crowning glory, a sarcastic, winking, hook-laden triumph.

Jonathan Higgs manages to twist the track’s title in every different way possible across its fidgety chorus, making it near impossible to sing along to, but so catchy that it’s simply begging you to try and gleefully embarrass yourself in the process. That’s the enduring charm of Everything Everything.


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