Hmm… King Krule has been sending fans cryptic posters

Just what is Archy Marshall up to?

Recently, King Krule has teamed with Mount Kimbie on their recent single ‘Blue Train Lines’, and he showed off a bunch of new songs at this year’s Primavera. At that late-night set, he played ‘The Locomotive’, which was confirmed to be on a new, upcoming King Krule album.

But we haven’t heard a lot since then. Something may be afoot though, as fans have been receiving some cryptic mail. As reported by Pitchfork and a Reddit thread, several fans have been getting unmarked post that contains a black and white photo of King Krule on one side and numerous lines of Spanish on the other (a couple of lines of which roughly translate into the titles ‘A New Place 2 Drown’ and ‘6 Feet Beneath The Moon’). Those who received it have previously bought from Archy Marshall’s online shop.

So, is this a hint that Archy is up to something then?

Have a look at some of the fans’ posts below.


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