Watch Foo Fighters and Rick Astley team up to cover ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’

Looks like somebody got.. ahem.. Rick Grohl-ed.

Sometimes, festivals - where all manner of different bands are packed together like sardines into the same field - can yield some brilliant and unlikely friendships. Sharing a bill at Japan’s Summer Sonic Festival this weekend, for instance, led to the beginning of a beautifully blossoming companionship between Foo Fighters and 80s pop star Rick Astley.

“This is fuckin’ crazy,” Dave Grohl told the crowd. “I just met him two minutes ago.” And then, he only went and brought old Rick on stage, for a rockified version of massive hit ‘Never Going To Give You Up’. And, of course, Rick Astley roared “COME ON YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!” during the performance. Wonderful stuff.

We suppose you could say everyone got… Rick Grohl-ed.

Dave and Rick then announced that they’re best friends forever, with the help of this glorious selfie (see below). Heaven help us all.

Watch the bizarre cover unfold below.