Listen: Frøkedal has shared new tracks ‘LTF’ and ‘Cracks’

Frøkedal has shared new tracks ‘LTF’ and ‘Cracks’

The pair of tracks sees the Norwegian singer-songwriter exploring duality.

After releasing her first stunning, standalone single of 2017, ‘Stranger’, back in June, Oslo-based singer-songwriter Frøkedal has doubled down with not just one but two new tracks!

‘LTF’ and ‘Cracks’ are a double-whammy of what Frøkedal does best. Filled with complex guitar melodies and dusty, intricate drum work, the folk-tinged double also shows off her captivating songwriting style.

Talking more of the two tracks, Frøkedal said: “‘LTF’ is set in an urban landscape, and inspired by the escalating chaos of daily life, whereas ‘Cracks’ gets back to basics – it’s more vulnerable, and mature in that way. ‘Cracks’ suggests that the problem lies in our nature – nothing is more scary than exposing our weaknesses and imperfections. But to truly love, and be loved, it is necessary to take the risk”.

She continued: “‘Cracks’ is painfully honest. It was difficult writing a song like that, but I really wanted to try shortening the distance a little, lay it open. I got Familien [Frøkedal’s band] to sing a verse with me, because the theme feels universal. One of my favourite percussion instruments is the Cajun triangle, and you can hear a trace of it in the bridge of ‘Cracks’. To me, it sounds like a reminder of danger lurking around the corner”.

Listen to ‘LTF’ and ‘Cracks’ below.

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