Listen: Prides have announced new album ‘A Mind Like The Tide: Part One’

They’ve also shared a new track, ‘Let’s Stay In Bed All Day’.

Way back in February, Prides revealed a new track in the form of ‘Away With The Night’, the follow up to another track, ‘Are You Ready’.

Well, that’s an apt question, because we’ve been ready for a new album from Prides for blimmin’ ages. But lo and behold, it’s coming! Their new album ‘A Mind Like The Tide: Part One’ is out on 27th October and, as it’s title suggests, it is indeed the first in a two-part trilogy. So Prides albums are like buses then: you wait ages for one, then two come along at once.

Stewart from the band shared a statement on Facebook introducing the concept of the album: “We’ve been hiding, we’ve been hidden. Occasionally we put our toes tentatively into the water, before retreating back into our cave. But we’re here now. We’re ready, we’re back. Truth is we’ve been writing, we’ve been telling stories, sat in our cave. We’ve been trying different things, new sounds, new songs. Some stories are new. Some are old. But we’d like you to hear them all”.

In a press release he continued: “It was about having some fun with it and trying to make things a bit trashier […] “It’s about not limiting yourself”.

As well as announcing the album, the band have also shared new track ‘Let’s Stay In Bed All Day’, which you can listen to below. You can also see the tracklisting for ‘A Mind Like The Tide: Part One’ below.

01. Every Story of Mine is a Story of Yours….
02. You’re the Drug
03. Let’s Stay in Bed All Day
04. A Wilder Heart
05. Sweet Time
06. I Don’t Ever Want to Live Without You
07. I Know That I Can Change


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