Three’s company: KAYTRANADA has shared three new tracks

KAYTRANADA has shared three new tracks

He dropped the trio of tunes on to his Soundcloud page.

Canadian producer KAYTRANADA’s been pretty busy since he released his Polaris Prize-winning album ’99.9%’.

Still, his many musical ventures over the past few months haven’t stopped him from dropping not one, not two, but a whole three new tracks on to his Soundcloud page. They’re called ‘2017 – 38’, ‘201 09 01 – SUS’ and ‘2017 07 04’. So no, they don’t roll off the tongue particularly well (although two of the titles hint that a couple of these tracks were produced pretty recently). Nevertheless, they’re all tunes that re guaranteed to get you on the dancefloor.

Don’t get too excited about a new full-length coming from the producer anytime soon though. On his Twitter page he said: “3 new jawns on my soundcloud, no project related, just beats…” Well, they’re still mighty fine beats regardless.

Listen to all three of KAYTRANADA’s new tracks below.

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