Update: What we learned from St Vincent’s ‘MASSEDUCTION’ press conference

In a live Facebook video, Annie Clark answered every question we could ever have about her new album.

Announcing her new album ‘MASSEDUCATION’ yesterday, St Vincent answered every possible question about the record (and tonnes of questions that might not immediately spring to mind, too) in a slightly-satirical, half-informative press conference on Facebook.

Answering questions “in the style of Sarah Huckabee Sanders,” - the “brusk, defensive” White House Press Secretary - Annie Clark spoke about everything from her current listening habits (she’s been enjoying a lot of Talk Talk lately) to her lack of shut-eye. “Does it look like I sleep?” she asks in the conference. “Like, no. I don’t sleep anymore.”

In a press release, St Vincent also confirmed that she co-produced the ‘MASSEDUCTION’ with Jack Antonoff. It also features Kamasi Washington, Jenny Lewis, and Doveman, along with production from Top Dawg Entertainment whizz Sounwave.

Here’s the very best of what we learned from St Vinny’s pink microphone bonanza. You can watch the whole brilliant press conference below, too.

The album has a very distinctive theme…

"The record's about love," she said, introducing 'MASSEDUCTION'. "At its best, and at its core, it's about love. That's it, that's all, that is literally the only point. And I do mean literally to mean literally. This record is from my heart to yours, and I hope it finds its way there."

And what’s that title all about?…

"A little play on words," she deadpanned. "Mass seduction, seduction of masses, my seduction. Am I being seduced, or am I the seducer? Next question."

How about the artwork? What inspired it, we hear you ask.

"The album art is an ass. Do you have to ask?" Ok then Annie.

Fancy pairing ‘MASSEDUCTION’ with a new read? St Vincent’s got your back.

"Rebecca Solnit," Annie said. "Men Explain Things to Me." FYI, an absolutely brilliant essay collection, with a very apt title to match.

So, we’ve heard about St Vincent’s Fear the Future tour, but what does she fear most?

"Everything. Taxes, nuclear threats, the world just getting lit on fire," Annie answered. Us too, tbh.

And the smallest she’s ever felt?

"You know what really fascinates me," she started, "is people's sexual fantasies that they're not able to attain. Like, some people are just obsessed with the idea of, like, giantism, and really wanting a giant man or a giant woman - and them being very small - to have some kind of sexual interchange, and that to me feels like the saddest thing because it's unattainable. It sets yourself up for prolonged heartbreak. I didn't answer your question, but I did give you a lot of food for thought."

Yeah, I mean, she didn't really answer the question there, did she?

And most importantly, has St Vincent changed over the years?

Apparently not, if your sarcasm radar isn't working properly. "Good question," St Vincent grinned. "I'm still just that good old Texas gal that your mom knows and loves." Somehow, we're not convinced.

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