Watch: MUNA share video for ‘In My Way’

The single follows this year’s ‘About U’ debut.

Last week, MUNA followed up their brilliant debut album ‘About U’ with new single ‘In My Way’.

A staple of the band’s live sets for months, it’s described by the band as “a happy song”, which can’t be said for most of ‘About U’.

Echoing this positivity, the track now has a new video, which sees the trio larking about, dance moves’n’all in a tour diary of sorts.

“We wrote this song initially about a year ago just after we had finished mixing the record,” the band said in a statement.

“It’s a decidedly more emotionally upbeat song than the rest of our repertoire. Lyrically, ‘In My Way’ is a lighthearted song about how we see sex and love within the context of our generation’s largely newfound morality. The video was directed, shot, and edited in London and San Francisco by the three of us with a little bit of help from an old camcorder and some good friends.

“We wish for both this song and video to ultimately serve as a massive thanks to all of our fans—both new and old. To those who’ve been singing the words to this track with us at shows for months, and those who are just hearing the song for the first time right now…we’re glad you’re here. This one’s for you. We love you.”

Read the DIY feature with MUNA from around the release of ‘About U’ here, and watch the new video for ‘In My Way’ below.

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