Watch: Perfume Genius hosts a dance contest for ‘Wreath’

Fans choreographed their own routines for the ‘No Shape’ cut, and Mike Hadreas put his favourites in the video.

Perfume Genius has shared a new video for ‘Wreath’, and in contrast to his previous videos from ‘No Shape - all kitschy glam and immersive worlds - it’s a totally different affair.

Fittingly enough - considering ‘Wreath’ is a song about breaking free of prescribed shapes and expressing yourself creatively without limits - the video contains some inventive dance choreography, put together entirely by fans of Perfy G.

The resulting entries for his dance contest see elaborate sets being constructed, a few bewildered bystanders looking on, and at one point ‘Wreath’ even soundtracks a quiet evening hoovering the living room while watching Mike Hadreas’ favourite, Bake-Off (the old-school version that featured Mary Berry, Mel and Sue, obvs).

‘Wreath’ appears on Perfume Genius’ latest album ‘No Shape’. Read our feature with him here, and find his upcoming UK tour dates here.

Watch his new video below.