Listen: Penelope Isles slow things down on ‘Shining Gold’

Penelope Isles slow things down on ‘Shining Gold’

The band’s new single precedes an upcoming UK/EU tour.

We most recently saw Brighton via Cornwall’s Penelope Isles with their great single ‘Cut Your Hair’, released as part of Art Is Hard Records’ postcard club earlier this year.

New single ‘Shining Gold’ takes the previous track’s blues-tinged edges and slows them down into something much calmer and smoother - a lo-fi trip punctuated by beautiful vocal harmonies.

The band are set to head out on a UK tour this week, playing Exeter’s Cavern on Saturday (23rd September) and finishing up in mainland Europe at the end of October. View the dates and listen to ‘Shining Gold’ below.

18 Prince Albert, Brighton
23 Cavern Club, Exeter
24 Mono, Falmouth
26 The Nines, London (Parellel Lines)
27 Hyde Park Book Club, Leeds
28 AATMA, Manchester
29 Little Buildings, Newcastle
30 Latest Music Bar, Brighton

25 Pub Le Bacchus, Paris
26 Le Pop In, Paris
27 Le Baraka, Clermont
28 Le Lapin Blanc, Reding
31 Noch Besser Leben, Leipzig

01 Fake Empire, Hanover

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