Listen: Connor (Connor Schofield of JAWS) shares ‘Blood’

Connor (Connor Schofield of JAWS) shares ‘Blood’

It’s “probably the most experimental” he’s been.

Back in August, Connor Schofield of JAWS emerged under his own name and shared ‘Sun Burns’, a reflection of his move from the band’s hometown of Birmingham to London.

He’s now shared a second track from the project, ‘Blood’. It’s a skittering slice of electronica where Connor’s voice drifts ethereally across beats and waves of ambient synths. There’s also some semi-experimental flourishes that give the track an added layer of intrigue.

Connor says of the track: “Blood is about being so infatuated with someone, or something, so much that nothing else really matters and the world just passes you by.

“When I was writing and recording this song I spent a lot of time playing around with the sounds, probably the most experimental I’ve been with production in terms of sound creation. I like to think this is a good daydreaming song, however for me, it has a real night time feel to it. When I was finishing the song I was probably listening to mixes of it on the bus at night a lot!”

Listen to ‘Blood’ below.

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