Premiere: Klangstof share title track from new ‘Everest’ EP

The band will toast the new EP with a headline show at London’s Lexington.

Dutch indie-poppers Klangstof have announced they’re to release a new EP called ‘Everest’ next month, and we’ve got the first play of its title track.

A slinky, stop-start track, ‘Everest’ sees the band chasing cleaner but weirder horizons, with vocal samples making the song feel vibrant and alive.

Talking about the new single and release, the band tell us: “During our tour we started listening to a lot of music we used to hate. Tears for Fears, Duran Duran, A-ha. It was basically to annoy the crew, but after a few hours we kind of started to like it. Everest was our try to make that 80’s pop single.

“We also had a lot of fun programming the drums for this tune. We had recorded a few gb’s of drum takes during the rehearsals that sounded pretty bad. In the end we just cut those into small bits, cranked the compressors all the way up (to the point where we almost had to go out of the room. That shit was LOOOUD) and used them as drumfills through-out the whole track.”

‘Everest’ comes out on 3rd November, and the band are playing a headline show at The Lexington in London on the 21st of the month to celebrate the release.

Listen to ‘Everest’ below.

Klangstof are one of the acts involved in the European Talent Exchange Programme. For more information on ETEP, and the artists and festivals involved, head to


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