Watch: Wolf Parade get cinematic in the video for ‘Cry III (King Of Piss And Paper/ Artificial Life)’

Delve into the unexplained happenings within a small town.

Last week, Montreal’s Wolf Parade released their first album in over half a decade, ‘Cry Cry Cry’, an album we described as being “brazen, boisterous music from a band of men who are more than happy to be plugging in once again”.

Now, a few days on, they’ve unveiled a short film that features two tracks from the record: ‘King of Piss and Paper’ and ‘Artificial Life’. The two are stitched together into the movie by director Brook Linder, who weaves a story that centres on strange, unexplained things happening in a small town.

There’s a lot of green, glowing lights, and men in hazmat suits lingering around the place. So, what exactly is going on? Aliens? Nuclear radiation? Something supernatural? There’s only one way to unravel this mystery, and that’s to dive in.

Watch the video for ‘Cry III’ below.


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