On the telly: Watch Julian Casablancas + The Voidz play new song ‘Wink’

They were guests on Brazilian TV show ‘The Noite’ when they performed the track.

So, back in July Albert Hammond Sr got a little ahead of himself, saying he was excited about his son and the rest of The Strokes getting back in the studio and recording. Albert Hammond Jr then apologised for his dad and clarified that they haven’t got much planned right now.

But perhaps the same can’t be true of frontman Julian Casablancas. He’s been on tour in South America with his other band The Voidz and popped into late night Brazilian talk show ‘The Noite’. There, they played a new song called ‘Wink’, which they’d already previewed at a secret LA show last month. Their performance of the track was upbeat, injected with tropical vibes but still containing a few crunchy riffs.

So, when’s that new Voidz album due then? Maybe Albert Hammond Sr knows…

Watch them perform ‘Wink’ below.


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