:( Brand New will be a band for “about 14 more months”

Jesse Lacey made the comments at a recent live show.

Brand New have been hinting at an impending break-up for quite some time; lately they’ve been selling merchandise bearing the dates “2000-2018”, and Jesse Lacey has made numerous comments about how “this isn’t gonna last much longer” at live shows over the last few years.

Now, Jesse Lacey’s added yet more weight to a Brand New split, and appeared to give a bit more indication regarding when it might happen. Speaking to fans onstage at a recent live show, he said that “we’re gonna be a band for about 14 more months.”

Brand New surprise-released their fifth album ‘Science Fiction’ back in August. It was their first new record since ‘Daisy’ in 2009.

Watch his onstage comments below, filmed by Brand New fan @wrenmcdaniel.


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