O.H.MY.G.O.D. N.E.R.D are back!! With Rihanna!!

N.E.R.D are back!! With Rihanna!!

‘Lemon’ is the first new music from Pharrell Williams’ group in seven years.

Over the weekend, N.E.R.D teased an impending return with cryptic adverts at Tyler, The Creator’s Flog Gnaw festival. Now, they’re back, with a brand new, RIHANNA-FEATURING track called ‘Lemon’. Try to remain calm, everyone.

The accompanying video begins with some familiar words that match N.E.R.D’s mysterious teasers: “No_one Ever Really Dies”. It might well be the name of a new full-length from Pharrell Williams’ group, but for now, ‘Lemon’ is the first taster. What a taster it is, too.

From there, it’s an all-over-the-shop-in-the-best-way onslaught of pogoing bleeps, a Rihanna rap verse, some neon-lit dancing, and the whole thing is quite frankly glorious.

Have a watch below.

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