Watch: Benjamin Booker undergoes military training in the video for ‘Believe’

Benjamin Booker undergoes military training in the video for ‘Believe’

His latest album ‘Witness’ came out earlier in the year.

Benjamin Booker dropped his second, politically-charged album ‘Witness’ earlier in the year, stating at the time that: “I fled to Mexico, and for a time it worked. But, outside of Pata Negra, I began to feel heavy again and realized that I might never again be able to feel that weightlessness. I knew then that there was no escape and I would have to confront the problem”.

Now one of the singles from the LP, ‘Believe’, has a new video from director James Lees. In it, Benjamin himself goes through military training, which eventually leads him to a young boy who liberates the area with the power of dance, helping to create a sense of serenity for Booker.

As reported by Pitchfork, Lees said in a statement: “We wanted to create something inherently musical and entertaining whilst still being a meditation on the themes within the song. Being lost and directionless and the inherent human need to find a sense of belonging”.

Watch the video for ‘Believe’ below.

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