Listen: Twin Peaks share new tracks ‘With You’ and ‘Just Because’

Twin Peaks share new tracks ‘With You’ and ‘Just Because’

The Chicago band are coming to the end of their ‘Sweet ‘17’ singles collection.

Chicago garage-rockers Twin Peaks are currently releasing music as part of their ‘Sweet ’17’ singles club.

The idea is to launch a new single every month until the end of the year and since we’re near the end of the year, that means that there’s only a couple of tracks to fit in before the end of 2017. So for the month of November – the penultimate stop on their quest – they’ve released ‘With You’ and a B-side, ‘Just Because’.

‘With You’ is a jangly, summery number with a few quips and dark lyrics embedded in there for good measure (“you’re just so ruthless, you’re just what I need”). Meanwhile, ‘Just Because’ features drum machines and wolf whistling among its hazy stomp.

Earlier in the year, Twin Peaks also released a track for Amazon’s Songs of Summer playlist, ‘Who It’s Gonna Be’.

Listen to ‘With You’ and ‘Just Because’ below.

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